Art of Esa - Fine Art Originals and Creative Painting Workshops in The Studio in Port Colborne

Esa has been a full-time artist all his life. You can see his latest art work in his attached in-home studio-gallery in Port Colborne. His artwork covers a wide spectrum of subjects, from the semi abstract city scenes to The Great Lakes and seascapes. He has always had a special affinity for our beautiful forests and rivers, that is reflected in his tranquil landscape paintings with loons, cardinals and the water falls of Ontario.

Esa is an artist, who has painted a lot of commission work over the years. If you have a favorite subject, that you always thought to have painted by an artist, Esa will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

From Artist Esa: "Painting is a lifelong experience and I hope that you take a moment to look at my latest artworks in my Studio-Gallery when visiting the Niagara area. Please, call ahead to visit"
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Latest Work