Studio Workshops

Esa Studio Art Presents
ONE-DAY Creative Painting Workshop in Port Colborne

GREAT LAKES LIGHT April 8 Thursday, 2021

All Supplies Provided by Studio (brushes, paints, painting supplies)
You need not bring anything

Our studio in Port Colborne will have this ONE DAY painting workshop in April 8, Thursday.
If you are interested in attending to this workshop, please let me know, because the space is limited. The class is small and informal, to maintain the social distancing. Please bring your own mask that you can wear during the class time.
We also have Bionaire HEPA Tower Air Purifier in the studio to keep the air constantly clean.

Class fee is $75.00 (no credit cards or e-transfers please). There are no other costs. You can pay in the morning of the workshop.

We will have everything supplied in the class (such as prepared painting surfaces, paints etc.), so
you do not need to bring anything to this workshop. The frame is optional. We paint with acrylic paints, and as a result, there is no turpentine or other solvents used at class.

This workshop runs from 9 am in the morning to afternoon. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic protocols, we cannot serve coffee or tea, so bring your own beverage if you wish. Also bring your own mask that you can wear during the class time.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Maila Nieminen
Teaching Workshop Coordinator
Tel/Text: 905 835 5648

"There are no rules in Art, just tools" Glenn Vilppu