Esa has been a full time artist over 50 years. Over the years, he has exhibited his artwork in numerous art exhibits. He began to participate in Toronto and other southern Ontario art shows. In the eighties, he and his family moved to Norther Ontario, Lake Temiskaming area in order to be closer to the nature and built a house and an art gallery, where he exhibited and sold his artwork. The art gallery was busy, due to so many tourists that used to visit the area in those years.

Esa is an author of 4 books in series "Esa's Art Designs" and his paintings and designs have been published in many art related magazines in North America. Esa enjoys teaching, and he teaches at special events, conventions and painting guilds. Esa's styles and techniques are versatile and his artwork covers a wide spectrum of subjects from the contemporary art to land and seascapes.

Esa lives in a pretty lake side town of Port Colborne, where he has his attached in-home studio, where you can see his latest artwork. A few times a year he conducts Creative Painting Workshops in his studio, a perfect place to paint with the natural light filtering through the ceiling skylights. The goal is to teach the students to expand their painting range and capabilities in the process of creating art.

Anyone interested in visiting the studio to see his latest artwork, or interested in his Creative Painting Workshops or having Esa to teach in your art event in your hometown; please contact: info@esastudioart.com or Tel: 905 835 5648.